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closed helix circular path

Like this?

Is this what you are referring to? Please explain further.


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More helix interest.

I found this comment on our partner site, in regards to creating this helix:

Posted: 31 March 2006 at 6:18pm


I too am curious about construction of a helix and I say the one posted on the MCADCENTRAL site but I did not see any instructions. Actually, all i need to do is to learn how to create a helix that follows an arc or curve. In my project, I have created something similar to an open tube that is approximately 4 inches long and curved. It would resemble your closed helix except it would only be approximately 1/3 of the length.

Larry Coyle

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The procedure...

I found this comment on our partner site, in regards to creating this helix:
Posted: 08 April 2006 at 10:28am | IP Logged Quote xyzgeneral

Hi all,

Use following set of equations (or click the links at the botom of the post) to create the curve (the so called Toroidal Spiral)


Follow these steps : (UG NX2)

1)Enter above expessions using Tools->Expessions , 'c' is number of turns.

2)Inset->Cuve->Law Curve...

Choose 'by equation' option for xt, yt and zt values

3)Now create a datum plane by using Point on Curve option, select the curve ceated.

4)Select this datum plane to create Sketcher

while u r in sketcher mode, choose Insert->Associative point...

click Intersection point icon on Point Constructor dialog box, and select datum plane and curve respectively. Create a circle (say 5 units) and constrain its center to the above created associative point.

5)Use 'sweep along guide' or 'swept' to create the model.

Thats all folks!!!

U can refer to these links to know more about such equations :

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