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Command history



I am working with Autodesk Land Desktop 2006 at work. Before our upgrade to 06, we used 2004. In 2004 you were able to start a line command, type in the dimension, and use the up and down arrows to get the last dimension you typed in to eliminate taking the time to type it again. Now that I?m in 2006, I don?t have the option to do that. It gives me the coordinates of the last line, and that?s it. I checked the help files and according to that, I should be able to get the dimension from there, but it doesn?t tell me how to set up my land desktop to work that way. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?
Check your INPUTHISTORYMODE variable...

Hello slewis:

Please check your INPUTHISTORYMODE variable. What is it set to?

Thanks for using the Q&A Board! ;-)

Did you get this resolved?

Hello slewis:

I was wondering if you resolved this issue (to get the last dimension you entered) with Land Desktop. Did my previous reply help.

Support Desk :cool:

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