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Commands in the tab panel do not work


New member
When a modifier button in the tab panel is pressed, nothing happens. Modifiers that display in the tab panels are not available in the modifier panel and do not display when the More button under modifiers is pressed. The following error message occurs: ***Melt not installed***
Re: tab panel do not work

This happens because the tab panels don't verify which modifiers are actually loaded when 3D Studio MAX starts. Even though the modifier is not present, the button in the tab panel remains. The buttons in the tab panels can be compared to shortcuts on the Windows desktop; an application can be deleted from the hard disk while its corresponding Windows shortcut icon remains on the desktop.

To resolve this problem, your first need to determine which modifier is missing. It is most likely that a Bonus plug-in or a Bonus script is missing. For example, with a Typical Installation, the Bonus modifiers are not installed. However, the tab panels, which can reference these plug-ins, are installed.

To fix this, run setup.exe from the 3D Studio MAX installation CD, and install the Bonus components.

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