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Company logo on part (and drawing)


New member
Hi guys,
I am trying to get our companys logo on my parts so I can include them in the drawings as well. I have created the logo as a separate part, and saved the sketch (which I reuse on other parts).
Here is my problem: when I have a new part where I want the logo, I make a new sketch, import the previous made sketch, and rescale to fit the new part.
Everything works fine, but then I would like to move or rescale the feature.
Rescale works fine, but not moving.
The letters start to be of different size and all looks terrible....

Any ideas of how I should do it instead?

(using WF3)

I do this all the time and have experianced your issue. My work around is to increase number of dimension digits, select all dimensions, strengthen, lock and most importantly ZOOM way in before exiting scale and rotate.
The other thing to do, if your logo has lines at slight angles is to disable some auto constraints in sketcher options.

Hope this helps...


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