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Complex 3D Modelling



Hi, first post here!

Can someone explain to me the options available to create the lower half of a Dalek?

In essence i have a larger ellipse as the base, this is copied and scaled down then moved perpendicular with its centre offset.

I would like to create a solid from the 2 ellipse or how do i create a solid that tapers from the large ellipse to the small ellipse??

Your help is much appreciated.

Combing solids.

I haven't tried this and I may be wrong, but I think there is a 3D command out there called "MELD?" which can be used to join 2 solid forms together. In your case a small ellipitical shape to a larger one. Create the 2 seperate solid shapes and then located them in the correct locations, then trim, fillet, chamfer off the pieces you don't need. And then save it as a whole, or maybe a 3D block.or Search a 3D block library for a shape that is similiar or already done for you and modify it to fit your needs ....Hope this gives you some ideas. :cool:
Solid modeling:

I tried taped extrusions in AutoCAD 2002 and it failed to work on elipses
Im not sure if this was remedied in later versions, I do know that the default extrude command does not include a taper command in 2007.

You might not be able to do this using a true elipse
A collection of circles trimmed down to look like an elipse will still allow a tapered extrusion but the model wont be 100% accurate anymore

Surface modeling:

With your upper and lower elipses already made you can do a ruled egde to get the angled sides. A simple region/face would make the top/bottom

The downside to this method is you cannot modify the shape further


Mesh to solid on a ruled edge will make a good rough model that is highly dependent on your surface tabulation values. Since ruled edge only makes flat faces - alot of them - you wont get a true eliptical curvature from it

The plus side is you can manipulate it further
Extruding Elipse

My version 2007 extrudes an elipse just fine and after you select the object to extrude you may enter T for taper angle, then the distance.
complex 3D modelling


In 2007 you can use the loft command to do this.
Just draw a true ellips, copy it and scale it as you want.
Use the loft command and click both ellipses, than follow the options,
I mostly use: "cross sections only" , then I check the options "smooth fill" and "close surface or solid".You can also connect an ellipse to an rectangle, or any shape you want.

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