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Constrain a spring into a hole


New member
Is there an easy way to constrain a compression spring into a hole as I am having trouble doing the same.
Any help!
First constrain the compression spring's origin axis to the hole's axis and then create a custom work plane on the spring at the top of the spring or bottom as per need and should be offset from the origin work plane and now constrain the new plane to some flat geometry to set the height. To prevent spring rotating constrain another origin plane.
Hope this helps.
It is possible to constrain it without custom work planes. 1st constrain the springs origin axis to the hole (1st constrain.jpg). Then constrain the holes bottom plane to the spring end and set the offset to 1/2 the springs wire thickness (2nd constrain.jpg). Finally if you need to constrain the rotation; i usually constrain the spring end with an angle constrain to a feature plane or origin plane (3rd constrain.jpg) in that case i can specify the rotation angle of the spring.


  • 1st constrain.jpg
    1st constrain.jpg
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  • 2nd constrain.jpg
    2nd constrain.jpg
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  • 3rd constrain.jpg
    3rd constrain.jpg
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The centreline constraint is right but, if you have a spring with ground flat ends, you don't need the work plane, just constrain the flat end to a flat surface.

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