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constraint conflict


New member
When I place a constraint and it complains about conflicting with another one, how do I find the one that it conficts with? Now it just list the current canstaint with a yellow question mark.
Best way I found is start supressing constraints back for the offending part or iam untill the one you just placed goes good and also, since it is a trial and error process, it really helps if you set some standards for how you constrain parts and try and keep it consistent. If you had a logical design for placing the constraints, it is easier to find where things may be conflicting.
Unfortunately Inventor does not tell you where the conflict is, you have to try to work it out for yourself. If you use 'assembly view' in the model browser the constraints are in a drop down for each part in the model which narrows the choice down a bit but remember that, if a part is constrained to a 2nd part, the conflict can be between that 2nd part & a 3rd part.

Inventor is not very helpful in this.

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