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Conversion, deleting and errors



Im kind of new to solidworks so bare with me

Im pretty good with AutoCAD so I did alot of modeling with that
As I progress on larger models I will save as a new drawing so I have a reference to go back to if I have an error I dont catch until later.

Recently I drew an engine in CAD with progressive saves for each engine part on the assembly - In AutoCAD
These are all solids that work fine

Now for the questions

When I import the CAD models to solidworks, sometimes the models will import fine, othertimes they will import as a flat 2D isometric wireframe picture that is really unhelpful in any way, and then the most annoying problem... import as a bunch of individual surfaces, line and points. Usually in the vicinity of 2-4,000.

If a part imports fine in a previous drawing it doesnt always import fine in subsequent.
In drawing #1 the head and valve cover are imported, head imports fine, valvecover imports as a jumble of surfaces.
Drawing #2 head, valve cover, upper and lower block are imported. Valve cover upper and lower blocks import fine, now the head has the problem and is a pile of surfaces.
#3 head, valve cover, upper, lower blocks, left side cover, right side cover. All import fine except for the upper/lower block.

Note - none of the reused parts were modified in any way but import differently each time
If it imports fine first time why would it fail the second but he fine the third? Most of the errors come with parts that lie on a similar plane. Can Solidworks not import the same sufrace ontop of itself?

Shifting gears...
Now that I have a few thousand useless surfaces floating around, I delete them
I try to batch delete them by selecting them in large groups but only one surface is deleted no matter how many is in the group. There is a msg saying there is an error in the object being deleted. Why would an error in something thats getting permanetly removed be of any consequence? Why will it only delete one at a time? Is there a force delete command?

Other stuff...
Ive figured out the supress and hide commands, can I save parts of the assembly as indiv drawings using a similar command? So I can save the useful parts that imported and not save the jumbled remains of the import. Assemble them later

Any advice on assemblies of high detail that are imported from something like AutoCAD?
I tried a few indiv parts imported one at a time, but those usually became a mass of surfaces.

Jon ~

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