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convert .cgr format to stp (or) jt format




I have the file for .cgr format as i want to cinvert in to stp or jt format.Then what is the use of .cgr format.


CGR (CATIA Graphic Representation) files are for CATIA use (primarily with the DMU tools). I don't beleive there are conversion programs that convert CGR data. The CGR file is just a bunch of small triangles that represent the 3D shape; there is no geometric data that could be converted to STEP or JT formats.

You need the .CATPart file in order to convert the geometric data.
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convert data .cgr


my customer given the data is .cgr format.This is the packaging data .i want extract some surfaces in the .cgr data but i can't thats why i need to convert the data.
There is a product from Teamcenter Engineering, that will allow CGR to JT translation. Also, I believe can do it on a pay-per-use basis.

Even then, I don't think you'll be able to extract any info from the JT file. I could be wrong though, it happens often.
cgr to step

If you can open this cgr file to Teamcenter visualisation, it is easy to convert Step file, pl try. then u cna open the step file to catia and extract the surfaces
CGR data reuse

FYI- .cgr data can be converted with Deep Exploration from Right Hemisphere to JT or like 50 other formats.
However if you want to extract surfaces and use them you can't because CGR data is tesselated into polygons and the features cannot be edited. You can still import the created STL, JT, etc data and use it as a template.

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