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copy surfaces from different model



I'm using Pro-Engineer wildfire. Thi is my trouble:
I've realized a solid part of a complex shell filter. Now I would like to realize the same model not like a solid model but using surfaces (I need it for a fluiddynamic simulation). So I thought to copy the surfaces I'm interested with on the solid model, then imported like copied features in a different model. Is it possible? I tried to use the Edit > Operation with the futures> Copy > different references > From different Model> selected the copied surfaces. I can copy the surfaces, but I'm not able to going on. When I close the window of the model part the surfaces are copied from, I'm not able to really transfer the surfaces on the new model part.
Please HELP!
Thank you very much!.
Lorenzo Corsi.
Hi corsi_lorenzo,

Yes it is possible.
Make a Publish geometry in your parent model by using Insert>shared data>publishgeometry and select the surfaces which you want. You will find an icon of publish geometry over there.

Then open a new file and select Insert>shared data>copygeometry.
Then open the parent part and selct the default position. Now scroll down the menu and finally select publish geometry surfaces.
I hope thiswill solve your problem.

Hi corsi_lorenzo,

The method mentioned by sujith04111983 need AAX module.

If you don't have AAX (advanced assembly) module, here's a workaround>>

create a new assembly;
insert your model;
then create a new part inside assembly, activate the newly created part, copy and paste the desire surface.

the surface should be there in the new part.

Hopes it can help.


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