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Copying features?


New member
Can any one help me by suggesting how to duplicate a feature into a new position. I am designing a model which contains several features that share a basic shape and I want to duplicate the feature into a new position on the part. I tried traslate command, but failed, as it seems to relocate rather than duplicate.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Instead of using TRANSLATE (or any of the transformation commands), use PATTERN to duplicate the feature. Probably a RECTANGULAR PATTERN will copy the feature the way you want it.

Another method is duplicate features, is to put the feature (or a group of features) into a new PartBody, then Copy & Paste With Link to duplicate the PartBody and then do the TRANSLATE or ROTATE or MIRROR transformation to reposition the copy.
If you wish to keep the basic shape of the feature in a plane at different positions, you can then create a sketch containing points to denote the position of the feature. Then create this basic shape of the feature to reference one point and then use a user defined pattern command and make sure to pick the anchor point field first and pick the sketch and in the position field, pick the same sketch. now for the feature to be patterned, pick the basic feature you wish to pattern.
Hope this works for you.

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