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Cosmetic threads


New member
I have a multibody part and one the body is inserted into a drawing using "relative view". My problem is the cosmetic threads from all the other bodies also shows up in the drawing view, which I dont want to happen.
How can this be turned off? I want to turn off cosmetic threads view on all the parts except the part for which I want it to be visible.
Thanks in advance.
Hide the cosmetic thread.
Some times you will not be able to select (the same thing happened to me), which means that they are outside the view boundary. Put the threads inside the view and select the point tool and place a point inside the view then drag the point so that the cosmetic threads are in the view. Now you can select and hide them.
I know if you are working with huge project with lots of Mbodies it would be very difficult, but this is the only way I know to handle the situation.

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