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creat a helix



how can v create a helix with any shape as top view exept circle (hexagon,square ,etc)
A Helix curve is made first to define the centerline path of the helical surface or solid.

A helical surface is defined with the SWEEP tool using a helical curve as the guide and a profile typically defined in a sketch. This profile can be any shape (circle, square, polygon, etc.)

A helical solid is defined with a RIB or GROOVE. The helical curve is used as the center curve, and a sketch defines the profile. Again, the profile can be any shape, but it probably should be a closed shape.
the top view,i meant is the wireframe helix's top,its obtained with the profile option in helix command ,but I dont know how profile option works,am attach here a fig of top view


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I'm sorry I missunderstood your question. :eek:

Depending on what the top view shape is, you may be able to do it. But not directly with a helix curve, which in CATIA is always revolved about a center axis.

I haven't tried this, but if you had a shape such as a hexagon, you might be able to project a helical curve onto a extruded hexagon surface and use that for the center curve.

I'm curious where such a part (spring?) is used, and how is it made?
in the lab of my college ,my prfsr make one like this and then he make it flat with a taper angle of 89 and looks as a hexagonel coil, after that i tried it ,,bt i cant get it ,but he is not willing to teach it us
i cant get it ,is it related to the profile option in helix command ? if not wt is the use of that option?
The PROFILE option provides an easy way to define a variable radius of the helix as it moves down the axis.

After you click on the HELIX icon, hit the F1 button to go directly to the Help page - there's a good description and a figure that explains what the PROFILE option does.
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ok ,thanks,,i will look ,,
can u give me some step by step figures about ,how you create that heaxagonel helix,,hope that will give some more ideas
it can be done with law curves, i saw it once but i cannot do it now. i am here 'cos I'm searching the same thing

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