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Create extruded text


New member
Can some one in this forum tell me how to create extruded text around the surface of a cylinder. Thanks in advance.
Create a cylinder by any feature creation method and then create a datum plane offset to the cross section plane such that it is tangential to the cylindrical surface and then create a sketched datum curve on the datum plane just the sketcher mode click on enter text and write the text u want to emboss or engrave on the cylindrical surface. Now exit sketcher and then select the cylindrical surface and go to edit > offset in the dashboard panel and click the third icon from top ie expand feature and in options make sure that sketched region radio button is checked and for more accurate results check the option- normal to surface then define the sketching plane as the datum plane created initially and in the sketcher mode use the USE EDGE option and sub-option as loop and select each letter of the text.make sure that a closed loop is formed. Exit sketcher and then give the required thickness with the appropriate direction.
I hope it was helpful!

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