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Create PDF from proe drawing



I have Proe wildfire installed on my computer. I need to create pdf of my drawings with a watermark in the drawing. Help me to setup this program to create pdf of the drawing with my custom watermark.

Pdf Conversion

Hi thiyagu,

For the conversion of proe drawings or models into pdf, first u have to install the acrobat distiller ,which u can downlaod it from the website at free of cost.

1. Generate the drawings in proe with water mark which you in need pdf file

2.Create the .PS file using proe

3. Open the file by using acobat distiller ,automatically PDf file will be generated in the same folder which can be viewed by uisng the acrobat reader.

I hope this can help you in the conversion.


Download the free PDF creater for Then when you select to print a drawing, pick the PDF option from the ProE pull-down menu.

The download is free, and I have used it for hundreds of drawings without any problems.

Make sure to download both the cutepdf.writer and converter, you will need both to work.

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