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Creating a crimped end on a pipe


New member
I'm seeking help creating a crimped end on a pipe. I was trying to do a loft between two sections, (one section is the original pipe and the other being the crimped section) but for some reason the loft won't generate.
Any ideas of what I can do?

Attached are pics of the part I have at the moment and what is trying to be done.

there are two errors I am getting when lofting are either

1st: "the feature could not be created because it would produce self intersecting geometry" which is when I select the OD of the pipe and then the surfaces all around the smaller surface

2nd: " the end sections for a loft must be either planar or 3d faces or surfaces. A 3d section that does not bound a face or surface cannot be used as an end section." this is when I select the OD of both sections

I'm not very experienced with the loft feature so I could be doing something wrong.

using SW2019

Crimped pipe.jpg

Crimped pipe #2.jpg