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Creating a pad with two angular planes as limits


New member
Hello, my friends

Like the title says...I want to create an "up to plane" pad in both directions with two planes as limits in each extremity. The planes are not parallel...I don't understand why but Catia won't let me (Catia V5R20).

Any light on this?

Thank you.


Super Moderator
It should work. Do you get an error message explaining why it doesn't work?

Could you attach a picture showing us your part.


New member
Here's a picture of my part...I want to create a pad that extrudes simultaneously in both directions. That's why I used an "up to plane" pad, on which the limits are two planes with an angle of 18º relatively to the Z^Y and perpendicular to the X^Z plane in my picture.

But it gives me the following error: "Topological operators: impossible relimitation on the main part - Change the specs.":(

Thanks for future replies.


Super Moderator
That message usually means the feature is geometrically impossible.

Can you send us a screen shot of your CATIA screen showing the Pad just before you click OK to create it? Please include the Pad window so we can see the input. And please include the tree, so we can see what you've created so far.

In the meantime, try this method. It might help understand what is "impossible"
1. Make the Pad with two dimensions, but longer than the final part
2. Split the Pad with one plane
3. Split the Pad with the other plane


New member
I think I know what I did wrong. To create the two angular planes I was using one of the sketch edges as rotational axis. If you look at the par, you'll notice that it is not possible to do that.
I tried your sugestion and it works fine but, as a educational purpose (I'm new to Catia), I tried another way: two pads extruding in the opposite direction.

I created two offset planes, parallel to z^x plane so that I could project a line (sketch 2) on both these planes. These projection will serve as rotational planes for the two angle planes used to limit the "up to plane" pads.

See the picture.

Thank you