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Creating Custom BOM in Wildfire.


New member
I am working on a drawing using balloons as labels. I want to "split" the balloons with a mid-line, so I can add text to the top and bottom. This would also mean increasing the balloon diameter in order to have room for 3 characters on the top as well as the bottom. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
You must create custom balloons. Create them as symbols, put in the desired area \index\ (for auto-numbering - the system will rplace the index with the rpt.index from the table) and then in the split areas \text1\ and \text2\ or whtever you want to write. All thext you want to change must be between "\". Set the attributes and here you go. And most important thing is don't forget to tell ProE you want custom balloons just before you pick up the repeat region.

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