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Creating large fields of grass?


New member
Is there any way to make large fields of grass using whatever method available and it should not make your system hang over when rendering it. I have seen plenty of tutorials which shows to create a tiny piece of land covered with grass not a larger one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Try to use Vray to make grass. Use of Vray fur alone is cpu intensive. So use displacement and fur together. For instance if you have a 2d plane for the grass area then Add Vray Displacement Modifier and then Apply Grass Texture to the plane and add UVW mapping and Now add a subdivide modifier to the object and Add a Vray Fur object to the same 2d plane. I hope you will find this technique really helpful because, you get a sense of 3 dimension with vray displacement and adding minimal vray fur which sprouts out, it does look realistic and does not hog the rendering.

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