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Creating Model from FEM Mesh Surfaces or STL


New member
Optimized FEM Surface.jpgI'm hoping you all can help me with a rough step by step process for something. My company is getting into additive manufacturing and we have part files that get run through stress optimization software. They come back to us as an STL file of the optimized FEM mesh surfaces. Now I would like to take the rough looking tesselated mesh surface of the STL and create a nice clean smooth tangent surface in the CATPart context.

I use the HD2 license and we have other license modules available through shareable products, though I don't know yet if we have what will be needed. I may be able to request it if I don't have it. We have a process to get a rough approximation of the surface but it is very lengthy and basically involves rebuilding the part from sketches, splines, and GSD surfaces. I'd like to take this down to a couple hour process instead of week long process.

How can I take the STL file and create good part surfaces that closely approximate the optimized FEM surface? What licenses, workbenches, steps do I need? I also have an IGES file available that, when converted into CATIA, is tens of thousands of triangle surfaces representing each element of the optimized FEM. I attached an image of part of the IGES/STL surface that I want to "smooth". Please help find an efficient way to do this.