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Creating Work Planes at Compound Angles?


New member
How can I create a compound angle of a work plane in order to drill a hole through a part? Is there a way to put a compound angle on a work plane? I usually put an angle on the work plane and draw the other angle on the part to get the compound. But is this the only way?
Thanks in advance.
Create a sketch to extrude, then create a plane at 90 degrees to that, where the top of the part was going to be, on this plane, create a sketch with an angle (on each end), then create a plane using the angled line of the sketch and the first plane that was created and extrude the first sketch FROM/TO using the angled plane.I d0 this for each end and dimensioned the sketch. Now I can drive the part with parameters. Be sure to keep the angled sketch that you draw away from the extruding sketch otherwise you might run into problem.
There are several ways to create work planes at odd angles, you can sketch an angled line in one plane to the surface of your part then create a work plane on the end of the line by selecting the line, then the end point. You can create an angled plane by selecting a work axis then a work plane & specifying an angle or by selecting an edge & a plane.

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