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curved sheet metal


New member
what's the good way of creating a curved (waved) sheet metal part.

I suppose stamping would be one way. Are there any other ways.
basicly i got to draw a small aluminum hatch, made from 22 gauge aluminum sheet metal. The problem is; the hatch is curved in one direction (imagine sweeping a line along a waved curve.). That would be fine, if i didn't have other sheetmetal features on it (on each end of the hatch.) that would need to be unbent.... I suppose one way of doing it would be to use that "stamp" comand in catia. But i was hoping that there was a better way, since it was only curved one way, and it could still be unbent (theoreticly)
You're at an advantage over me Spider - I don't have access to the Sheetmetal workbench.

But generally speaking and based on your description of the part, I think using the Sheetmetal workbench would be the best approach for the stamped and bent features. Plus you can get the unfolded flatpattern.

Not having the Sheetmetal workbench, I would try to model the hatch with Part Design features. I would only use surfacing if the curved shape is too complex, which I don't think is your situation.
hmmm. that got me thinking.

isn't there a command somewhere in catia that would flaten a surface....I could probably use that to get my flat pattern, or at least part of it.

I'd still would like to know if there are any other ways - if anybody esle has an idea.
There are a couple of different methods you could use within sheetmetal to solve this and their effectiveness would depend on the design.

1. Create your 'wave' feature as as 'User Flange' from a primary wall (in your case one of the end features) This feature allows you to define the profile of the wall and extrude along the edge of your primary wall. (works similarly to a "thick" pad created from a surface) I would try this one first.

2. Create the wave as the first feature using the extrusion command then build walls selecting the "wave" for the "tangent to" field. NOTE: This method can produce an odd unfolded position though.

3. Bend from Flat - This will take a little more time to define and perfect but can produce multiple bends within a single feature.

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