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Curves on drafting



Hi everyone, I have a weird problem. When I print a drawing all the curves lines are printed a lot thicker than the other lines. Is not a printer problem because when I export to DWG doesn`t happen`s.
If anyone has an idea of what can cause this would be great.
Thanks for all, Matias.
Are you printing or plotting? Well I know that no one actually plots any more but I think you know what I mean. Sounds like maybe those curves are assigned to a layer that is designated a certain pen width. Or it may be the color of the curves that is. Try changing them to the same color and layer as some geometry that is printing ok. Just a thought. No one was picking up on this thread so I thought I would give it a shot.
I`m using a standard printer, the printer is not the issue because we use other CAD`s with the same printer and works fine. But when we print with catia, in any workstation, we have this problem. When the drawing is more complex we put "no thickness" in the print options menu, but this way you have all the line the same width.
Thank`s for the reply, Matias

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