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Custom Balloon


Good evening,
For a job we're doing, one of our clients was very categorical about the fact that he wants the balloon with a simple directrix line.
I tried to look into the drafting standards but beyond the basic frames, some of which are not working, there isn't what I need.
I could do with the "text with reference" command but I would lose all ties to the BOM.
In the image below what the customer would like as a standard.



  • balloon.png
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Does your client use CATIA? If they do, you could ask them for a copy of their CATIA drafting standards
Hello Mr Catia.
Thanks for your answers.
No, our client does't use Catia. The standard I have illustrated is what they use in all their 2d documents.
How can I create "my" custom standard? if administrator standards there is not what I need?

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