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Data export from floorplans to structured relational format

The questions I am looking for answer are, is it possible to export data from CAD files to import into our booking system, and if so, what do we need to do?

I want to export floorplan data from AutoCAD, I am assuming using CSV or another format that I can ingest into our desk, room and workspace scheduling software. The sort of data we want to map is the hierarchy information which includes:-
  1. Country > Region > Location > building > floor > Zone
  2. What type it is – desk, room, cubicle, breakout space or other type
  3. Spatial coordinates
  4. Accessories placed in the workspace (e.g if it is room does it have a VC system, smart lighting, etc)
  5. Any sensors that are placed on the workplace and detailed on the floorplan
Any help you can offer, gratefully taken.