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DDEDIT background.


New member
I am having trouble seeing TEXT when I use DDEDIT to edit the line. There is a blue background in the edit box that is very annoying.
Can anyone suggest how to fix it.

If using MText:
right click the object, choose background mask, uncheck the box in front of "use background mask".
If using single line text:
right click the object, choose editor settins, choose text highlight color, go to tab truecolor and chance the luminance to 0. The background will become black as your screen.
DDEDIT Display

This is caused by Windows XP display setting for font display.

To change how the fonts are displayed:

Right-click on the Windows XP desktop and click "Properties" on the shortcut menu.

In the properties dialog box, click the "Appearance" tab.

Click "Effects"

Clear the "Use the Following Method to Smooth the Edges of Screen Fonts Option".

Click "Apply" and Close.
_mtedit, select text, right click, Editor Settings, Text Highlight Color...
and pick a more suitable color.

This wont work if you edit dimensions (still get horrible standard color)

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