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DDedit Flips text to 0 angle


New member
When I use ddedit or double click my text, instead of keeping the text with the orientation I want it to be in, it rotates to angle 0.
I am using AutoCAD 2007.
Thanks in advance.
We located this from an Autodesk Discussion Group. Hope it helps.

Re: DDedit Flips text to 0 angle
That's a new "feature" in 2007. People were complaining about editing the text when rotated or if it was too small to see in
AutoCAD 2006, so they changed how the editor works. If the text is too small, the editor scales up for typing, and if the text is
rotated, it rotates it to 0 degrees, just for editing.
Allen Johnson
Good Luck.
3DCADForums Help Desk
I have 2007 installed but have yet to use it so I'm unfamiliar with the rotated issue. As for the text scale (in ddedit) mentioned, I also had this issue in 2006, but found that by depressing "Cntrl" key, I could scale up/down w/ the mouse's scroll wheel. I don't know if that's any consolation.

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