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Default viewport layout setting when opening 3ds max?


New member
I'm wondering if theres a way for my viewports position / size / layout to be saved as a default so that every time I start up max it begins with that layout. I know when you save and open a file, the viewports layout changes to whatever they were when the file was saved - but I'm talking about a customized universal default position which will always startup that way when max is launched.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Hi Cagney,
You can write your settings in the "maxstart.max" file. It´s located in "\Defaults\MAX". And if it is not there you can write your own. Just reset max do some customized settings like an own viewport layout an save it to "maxstart.max". Ok, this will not effect the existing scenes because you´re right in that the layout that is saved in the files. But at every start max will load the maxstar file.
Hope this was helpful

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