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Design Tables

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a message from mz7dyj asking about Design Tables:

Design Tables......


What are the meaning of Design Tables in Catia V5? When and how should we use them?
A Design Table is a spreadsheet containing a list of parameter values describing a family of similar parts.

Here's what the Help file says about Design Tables:

A design table:

  • provides you with a means to create and manage component families. These components can be for example mechanical parts just differing in their parameter values.
  • is a tool mainly intended to ease the definition of mechanical parts. It is provided to all CATIA users. But you will make the best use of it in a Knowledge Advisor application. A design table can be created from a CATIA document, the document data is then exported to the design table. It can also be applied to a document, the document data is then imported from the design table.
  • is designed to drive the parameters of a CATIA document from external values. These values are stored in the form of a table either in a Microsoft ® Excel file on Windows™ or in a tabulated text file. When using a design table the trick is to associate the right document parameters with the right table parameters. The design table columns may not all correspond to your document parameters and you may decide to apply only part of the design table values to your document. By creating associations, you declare what document parameters you want to link with what table columns.
  • becomes a more powerful tool when it is used with the Knowledge Advisor. You are provided with functions to read the design table parameters. These design table functions can be used when programming your checks and rules. Using these functions spares you all the association operations.

Screws are a good example of mechanical parts that can be described by a design table. To simplify, imagine they are all described by four parameters: the head width, the head height, the body width and the body height. The sets of four parameter values that can be assigned to a screw can be easily regrouped in a design table. This design table has as many columns as screw parameters and as many rows as sets of parameter values. In a design table, a set of parameter values is called a configuration and it is registered in a row.
FERDO provided the following link to his tutorial on Parameters and Design Tables:


About that parameters thread....CATBlog - Catia V5 blog » Parameters&DT_with_macro

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Thank you, Mr. Catia. Also, I couldn't open the link "CATBlog - Catia V5 blog » Parameters&DT_with_macro ", but thanks anyway for your reply
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