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Developed trim line of layed out flanges


New member
Hi everyone
Does anyone know of a Catia function that can develope a flange trim line
onto the layed out surface. I know that in the Sheet metal workspace this is possible. I am, however, dealing with free form surface models with no wall or flange recognition and no metal thickness.
Thanx in anticipation

At a previous company I worked at, they had a surfacing license that let us FOLD and UNFOLD surface geometry, similar to what you explained. I'm not sure which license it was (DEVELOPED SURFACES maybe?), but it was limited at the time to ruled surfaces only. I've got INSERT + DEVELOPED SHAPES + UNFOLD in my notes.

I've hear that they added some new Flat Pattern Developement software in R16 or R17, but my current employer is still at R15.

Sorry I can't help you more. Maybe someone else can help.
Developed Shapes is the license you require and if your surfaces are not ruled then you require V5R17 to flattenCompound Surfaces

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