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am a beginer in catia,so this seems to be simple to you,

can any body explain detaily the terms Geometrical set, Ordered geometrical set, Hybrid design, classes of suface operation(eg,,A class etc)
Geometric Sets vs Part Bodies


Here are some quick definitions. You're professor should explain these in more detail, or you can look this up in the Help files and/or the CATIA Companion.

Geometric Sets are a section of the CATPart file that contains the construction geometry, (wireframe (points/lines/curves) and/or surface elements). Geometric Sets can be "ordered" or not - Ordered Geometric Sets require the elements be in sequential order.

Part Bodies contain the solid definition of a CATPart file.

Hybrid Design is a mode that can be toggled on or off. When the Hybrid Design mode is envoked, construction geometry can belong directly to a PartBody. (most companies do not use Hybrid Design, because it is a new feature that was recently added to CATIA)

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