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Difficult bend


New member
I was wondering if anybody knows if this brake can be done, i have tried several different methods and have had no luck.

please see attachment


  • EXAMPLE finished j.JPG
    EXAMPLE finished j.JPG
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need more info

Steve, your post is not clear to me on what you want.

Do you just want to partially bend the part 130 degrees about the brake line?

Or do you want to form the part so that it's flat at the top, and gradually transistions to the 130 degree bend at the bottom? (see attachment)

Are you asking how to model the part in Part Design? Or how to create the sheetmetal definition?

Are you using V5?


  • 135degrees.jpg
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sorry my fault i got into a rush,
Anyway i want to go from 0 deg to 130 deg on the brake line, start at 130 and gradually end up at 0 in generative sheetmetal design using Catia V5R 16..

Thank you,


  • EXAMPLE finished j 2.JPG
    EXAMPLE finished j 2.JPG
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Steve, you can model this type of part with either the PartDesign or GSD workbenches by using the Multi-Sections tool. One method would be to make a Multi-Section Surface between the 135 deg bent section and the flat section with tangencies, and then use ThickSurface to make a solid with thickness. (let me know if you need more details)

I don't think the Sheetmetal workbench will work for this part, because it only works with constant bend angles and you have a varying angle. Maybe someone else might be able to tell us otherwise.
0 to 130deg bend

Hi Steve and Mr Catia

You could use the hopper tool from the Generative SheetMetal Design Workbench to give you varying angle however in V5R14 I was only able to generate half of the plate you require...Maybe V5R16 will do the whole profile


  • 0 to 130 deg bend.JPG
    0 to 130 deg bend.JPG
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Thank you for the reply, i have been waiting for a while for someone to write back to me. I do think this will help, if you or anyone else comes up with anything else please post it.

Thank you,
Have you tried using the "User Stamp"?
You will have to do a bit of solid work in the part
designer producing a die and a punch but your part
should remain sheet metal conform.
Hope this helps.

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