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Dimensioning in Drawing?


New member
When I would like to have few dimensions on the drawing by picking edges, most of the time SW won't allow me to pick those edges to dimension to. Some time it says something about not a tru edge and others I am just not allow to pick the edge at all like it doesn't exist. Can any one help me.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Bennett,

Try to insert model items\Dimensions will bring you Part dimensions in. I am not pretty sure why you are not able to pick. While dimensioning an arc is has to be true, to dimension a line it has to be a line and not a spline. These are the rules for dimensioning in SW. It's going to vary depending how and what you are doing in your drawings and can't comment with out seeing it.


Badblood is correct. 99% of your dimensions should be in the sketch related features. Try utilizing these before you insert dimensions manualy. You already did, why do it twice. ? =)~ hope this helps.:)
When the edges that I am trying to dimension will not cooperate. I normally work around that by creating points and mating them coincident to to lines/edges. Fix them to keep from moving. Then you can use the newly created points to create your dimension.
Hope this helps!!!!!
Activate the view you're working on

somtimes edges cannot be accesed unless the view is active - just double click near the view when you see the highlighted frame around it OR right click on view --> Lock View Focus.

Mostly the problematic edges are silhouettes of cylinders or other smouth surfaces. if you're working with surfaces a lot i believe this could solve your problem.
The dimensions that you want to display have to be created in the view that you want the dimesions to be in. Use insert model items the dimensions are parametric dimensions created on drawings are not.
problems also


im also having a problem on dimensioning... everytime i edit my assembly, the dimensions in my drawing turns green in color, almost all dims in the drawing eventhough i only edited a small part on my assembly. how will i be able to maintain their relation such that dimensions wont turn green anymore... thanks..

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