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Disassociating external geometry


New member
Fairly new to pro/e so sorry if the questions a bit lame but I've been thrown onto it with no training yet....

I've created a model in Wildfire that uses another fairly complex part as a cutout ('Shared data>Cutout from other model' function).
How do I fully incorporate this cutout part into my main model such that I can delete it as a separate model file, but still have the ability to interrogate and modify it's geometry in my main model ?

Thanks for any help.
When using the merge or cutout functions, you need to assemble both parts in an assembly, and they must be in the correct position in relation to each other. ProE should give you the option of either Copy or Reference, choose copy to incorporate the geometry into your model without referencing the original.

Hope this makes sense.
Thanks, but couldn't get that way to work.
Eventually got it by "Insert> shared data >Inheritance from other model".
So will asume this is how it's done unless advised otherwise.

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