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Displaying 'Sketch Pictures' on a Drawing


New member
Is there a way to display 'Sketch Pictures' on a drawing.

I have created a Sketch that I have added a image to (artwork to be printed onto a component) and want the image to be visible on the drawing to show positioning.

The image shows on the part but I can't find a way to show it on the drawing.

Any ideas?
Have you used the Decal function when you inserted the picture on the part?
Then I beleive you have to use PhotoWorks to be able to show it on the drawing.
I could not find any command that would let me show the picture in the drawing even though in the drawing it shows that the picture is part of the sketch in the part file.

What you can do is drag and drop the .jpg image from your folder into your drawing and resize it there. If the image is supposed to be on a surface in the part model, you can insert an image using the decal option with the photoworks add-in, decals do show up in the drawings.
Following on the Decal option from Seon you can create a surface plane the size and position you wish the picture to be, then apply the decal to the surface plane. That will show up in the drawing as a picture in rendered mode. If you want to see lines set the body in the part file to render with edges and in the body, appearance call out adjust the transparency to imitate wire frame. Hope this helps

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