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Displaying very large assemblies in Catia V5 R24


New member
Hello everyone, i've been searching all over the internet since 1 week and i didn't find what i was looking for. As mentionned, i am trying to open very large products in catia (up to 150Mb) and it's taking like 10 minutes to load. I'm on Win7 16Go Ram. I already tried all technics in catia (cach on...) but that doesn't seem to improve anything. I was just wondering if 3D XML files are possibly the solution for my problem? Are they lighter? Is displaying 3D XML files in 3D XML Player smoother than opening equivalent CATProducts in Catia?
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CGR data is very light, but I'm not sure how it compares to XML.

If you are just viewing the assembly, are you using a viewer such as 3DVIA?

If you need to modify the files in CATIA, the Work With Cache option will build the CGR's on-the-fly, so it actually slows down the CATIA open process the first time an assembly is opened. The advantage is seen when repeatably opening the assembly in CATIA on the same computer where the CGR data is cached.
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