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Double line


New member
There is a system to find double lines on complex drawing ?
Often designing complex dwg some construction line can be forgotten under real line.
This will be big problem if dwg is used in cadcam machine.
Depending on the number of layers you have, turn them all off except for the layer your construction lines are on. Highlight and delete all unwanted lines. Turn all layers back on. Simple if all construction lines done in model space, a bit more time consuming if lines on a lot of different sheets.
OK Tanks! It's very good idea.
But in some cases I have superposed lines on the same layer. How can I find them?
In the express tools loaded with release 2006, there is a command under 'modify' - 'delete duplicate objects (command line: overkill) that should fix your problem. You did not say what version you have, but this is what I use
You did not say what version of Autocad you are using. I am using version 2006 with express tools loaded. In the express tools under modify, there is a command 'delete duplicat objests' that will do what you want. If you have the tools loaded you can also type in "overkill" at the command prompt.

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