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Hello everyone,

can someone tell me where I can download a 10ft container in solid works? 20ft and 40ft are also welcome!!!


I'm sorry that i wasn'nt clear enough. I mean a "normal" sea-container (they are used for transporting things on ships/trucks etc.). We use them to built a little watertreatment unit in it.

Regards, Henk

You can download 3d studio files and import them into Solidworks 06 You will have to have the supplier of your drawing save them as a DWG or DXF they seem to import the best and make sure they have properly scaled the container. DXF often errors out on me. Make sure you import as 3d. And be patient I have had them take like 4hrs to import depending on the polyline count. But they are very usefull for what you are doing. I have done alot of that myself.

Link to some containers in 3d studio
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