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Drawing a Line that touches the side of a Circle

Hi, I am a very new user of Solidworks. I'd like to draw a line (no.1 from the attachment) to a circle. Is there a method to draw it precisely on the circle? Are there any functions that automatically snaps my line to the circle? I'm facing this problem that when I Bass Flange it, it shows an Open Contour error. I think it is because my line is not touching the circle once i zoomed in. Thanks


Lucy Appleby

New member
Re: SolidWorks Drawing a Line that touches the side of a Circle

Hi Keenan

If you select the end point of the line and press control and also select the edge of the circle a pane should appear on the left hand side of your screen "Properties" then under add relations select the coincident option. This should join the end of the line with the edge of the circle and close any open contours, I've included an image to help explain what I mean.

SolidWorks Coincident.jpg

Hope this helps :)

Lucy - Solid Solutions
Applications Engineer
3D CAD Design Software SolidWorks | Solid Solutions

CAD Dawg

So True

Well said Lucy. Also, you could select any part of that line, ctrl key, then select circle, then to the left side (PANE) you can select Tangent and see if that's to your liking.

Good luck,

CAD Dawg :cool: