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Drawing assistance needed!



I am brand new to Inventor (currently using v10). I have a situation where I need to create a 10X scale drawing and offset certain model edges to a specific dimension. In a standard Inventor drawing, I cannot relate any sketch features to my model. The "offset" tool does not work at all. To accomplish what I need to do, I have been creating my drawing, placing the view and saving as DXF. Then, I open the DXF file and am able to use the model edges to create my offsets. Too many steps. I'd like to be able to accomplish my goal without having to export to DXF. That's part A.

Now for part B.
When I finally get to working on the DXF file and offset my edges, I cannot find any rhyme or reason associated to setting the offsets to a specific dimension. Let's say I offset edge "A". I place a dimension on the offset entity and modify the dimension to set the correct distance. The newly created offset entity moves accordingly and I'm ready to work on edge "B". I repeat the above steps for edge "B" except this time when I modify the dimension - the model edge that I used to create my offset moves and not the newly created sketch entity! I thought I had it figured out and the order in which you selected the entities determined which moved upon modification, but that proved false. Everything I've tried using my very limited knowledge of the program has not worked.

Any help is appreciated!

When you create a sketch in the .idw, select the view you want the sketch related to FIRST, before you select sketch. Then you will need to "Project Geometry" any lines you wish to relate to in your sketch. If you don't project geometry the program wont recognize the lines as being part of the skecth.

Hope this helps

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