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Drawing hexagongs....etc



Hi guys great site....
I am a new user of V18..I am sort of embarrassed of asking such a simple question but how do you draw Hex/pentagongs etc other than manually...... any tips ?
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There is a nSidePolygon macro located under Program Files/Solid Edge V18/Custom/nSidePolygon folder. The Custom folder is filled with custom macros that are worth exploring.

I have another Polygon macro that was made available by another user. I will post a reply with it attached.

Attached is a newer Polygon macro that was recently submitted to the Solid Edge newsgroup. I haven't actually tested this one but it was created by a user based on other users input. There are a few more Polygon macros floating out in cyberspace if you dont' like this one.


  • New Polygon
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Thanks ksudavid,
i dont have that folder option installed.....ill try the macro though...
Polygon macro....

Hmmmm. i dont speak german (yet....) so i ran macros etc did i miss a step prephaps? I tried to insert image but am too do u guys load upload images here?

I thought I was sending you the English version but I had not actually installed it yet for testing.

I have more than one polygon macro. I'll upload what I have so you can play with them and see which you like best.


Attached are a couple more variations of polygon macros. I believe one is the original UGS version and the other is a modified version of the UGS one. Look at the Readme.txt files for descriptions of how they work. For one I uploaded the readme file as a Word document.


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  • PolygonCommand.doc
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Hexagong heaven...

Thanks ..i am in hex heaven...
I forgot to be in the sketch environment before running the macro....

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