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Drawing sheet is too strange



I finished an assembly file and started a idw sheet, inserted a section, and it showed as following

The Cover hatching came out of the cover, and all threads doesn't show the inner diameter or the teeth?

What's wrong? and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance
What version of Inventor are you using?
Are all the Service Packs installed?
What video card do you have?
Are you running in DirectX mode or OpenGL?

Because you are showing a hidden line removed view, you will not see the minor diameter of the threads except from the "top" view of the thread. Threads are not "modeled" when using either the thread tool or the hole tool. Because of this, you will not see "threads" in a hidden line or hidden line removed view. The only way to see the .bmp image of the threads in an idw is to shade the view.
Thank you for your reply

However, I discovered where the problem is

The threads does show when you right click the view and choose "show thread feautres" or "display threaded feautres" (I can't remember what exactly the phrase is)

Concerning the problem with hatching,, the washer lower phase was mated with the cover upper face with no offset
When i used an offset of even .0001mm (which does never appear in print), the cover hatched correctly...
I can't understand why, but this is the solution
If somebody can explain what technically causes this, it will be appreciated


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