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Drawing simple cutouts in v18


New member
Hi! I'm new to solid edge, using v18. I'm trying to draw a stepper motor, which I will use in further designs. I'm not too good with its terminology, yet. As of the tutorials, I have completed all the part tutorials.

Since I'm not so good at explaining, here's what I've done.


Current result:

Cutout profile:

I haven't used any 3D CAD software before, so do tell me what I'm doing wrong, or how stuff should be done, tips, etc. Oh, actually I've used valve hammer editor for half-life levels. But i'm pretty sure that doesn't count.

What I'm trying to do is make the cutout repeat itself on all 4 sides of the top protrusion. I've tried using pattern, but it fails every time. How should I do it?
You can do this by using the "circualr pattern" tool.

or you can use the "mirror copy feature" tool, but with this you first have to mirror the one cutout along Y-axes, then along X axes.. or vice verca..

But using the circula pattern whit spacing of 90 degrees (or a repeat count of 4) you will get what you want.


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