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dropdown box of frequently used values


New member
This has bothered me for a long time, and with all the genius on this forum, I thought I would end this little frustration once and for all.

When I pull down the box for diminision value,( it might be the diameter of a circle or legnth of a line, etc) there are some recently used values to choose from. Or I can type in the value I want. After that, The value will be visible in the pull down box and I can select it again and again.

And then they change. (That is the stored values in the pull down box). I have not been able to make sense of how SE chooses which values to keep in the pull down box for re use.

They seem to change when switching back and forth to different files.
There also are values stored there that I have never used, at least I dont think I have ever used them.

Do I have any control over how many and for how long these frequently used values are maintained in this pull down box?

Thanks again, cant wait for the answer to this one.

Sorry I can not be of any help this time.
Will try to find out though.


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