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Dyslexics learning CAD packages


New member
I've been floating around various jobs and not particularly happy in any of them. I'm currently working for a recruitment agency that specialise in recruiting mechanical designers. In my time here I've learnt a lot about the industry, it really intrigues me and is something I think I could really get into.

I'm very mechanically minded and have been thinking about to doing a HNC in mechanical engineering and design. I'm dyslexic and although I know dyslexics are generally very good at visualisation and thinking in 3d, my main concern is about learning CAD packages.

My main issue is my reading. I can read (obviously!), but it's very slow, mentally draining and I'm unlikely to be able to take on board and remember what I've just read.

When I speak with contractors they often talk about reading a book to learn a new package etc. I'd be keen to hear from any other dyslexics who have troubles reading and the methods they've used to learn CAD packages, or indeed whether this is something I should be worrying about at all!?

Appreciate any input, thanks in advance...