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ECAD - to draw electrical drawings


William B

Dear Friends,

We are using SolidEdge since V10.
Drawing electrical drawings is still a problematic and thus we still use AutoCad.

With the addition of symbols in the drafting enviroment, things have improved
somewhat. The enviroment remains hard to use though. I would like to see though that one can create a BOM from the symbols used - much like in the assembly.

My questions then:
1> what ECAD package is recommendable to use alongside SE?

2> is there a program that runs inside SE that makes the generating of electrical drawings easier?

3> any tips in using SE effectively in generating 2D sketches for electrical drawings?

4> what is the most cost effective way to easily generate electrical drawings?

5> if one wish to generate ISO standard drawings - where is this standard writen up?

Many thanks,

Hi William,

I'm not an Elec guy to wisely advise on your question. However, i hope i can provide some links to them.

FYI, SE has a partner programme called the Voyager partner programme which consists of 3rd-party software houses to develop specific solutions that integrate with SE. You can browse SE website to obtain more information on that.

As for effectively generating and re-producing 2D electrical drawings in SE Draft, you may create your standard electrical drawings or symbol either for the 1st time in SE or read in from ACAD, and drag them into the edge bar. By doing so, you've saved the particular 2D sketch as a feature. The next time you need the same sketch, browse to the saved location and drag it out on the drawing board. Simple as that. Hope i helped in some way.

Thank you for your answer.

I have looked at the Voyager program before I started this thread.
I have not found something that was very usefull.

On the matter of generating your own symbols - thanks I know how.

My question then - do you know how to let the system keep track of the symbols used to build up a BOM (bill of materials), like you can in the assembly enviroment.

Does someone also have some tips&tricks to share with us - PLEASE.

Thanks a 1,000,000 Andrew.

William B
Hi William,

No need to thank. I didn't help to answer your question. =(
Sorry i didn't understand your symbols question. Can you elaborate further?
I'll see if i can help.

2D with BOM


Allow me to explain.

When you do a mechanical design you assemble parts in the assembly enviroment. Then you go into the drafting enviroment and make drawings of this assembly.

As part of making drawings, you can also pull up a table that list all the parts / sub assemblies and their quantities. This table is called a BOM or Bill Of Materials.

Now - is it possible to draw a 2D sketch in the drafting enviroment using symbols, and then pull up a BOM of all the symbols used.
This would have to apply throughout the sheets in the drawing.

I have seen a view ECAD (electrical drawing CAD).
Comparing to SE (even as 2D drawing tool) is very unfriendly in use.
It is like old AutoCad - you must know too many key-strokes for it to be usefull. :eek:

To others: :confused:
My comments in the first post still applies and stays unanswered.
Please let us know what ECAD system you use and how well does it integrate with SE.
Hi William,

If i'm right (i hope i am), you can't create a BOM based on the symbols created in SE drafting. Reason being is, the symbols are only recognised as individual 2D sketches. The s/w can't group them into categories and organize them into a table like BOM can.

You also need to understand that SE is a 3D CAD application and not a 2D, though it can create 2D drawings. Moreover, it's a mechanical based CAD. I believe you would need something else to help you with your needs.

Just my 2-cents worth.

Thanks for your 2-cents.
We are not beat yet - are we?

The next question then..
Can one create a program that runs within SE that would handle the 2D info.
OR is there not a "back door" method of doing it - using maybe virtual components in 3D enviroment and porting it to 2D.

These are to me a gray area - which I do not know alot about.
I need some background info to study up on - any suggestions?

Someone I knew about was creating an electrical design enviroment for SE.
People were quite excited about it - he said he would send me some info.
Sadly he has died recently and his knowledge with him.

Any help/suggestions from anyone is welcomed.

Thanks again Andrew


I see that many people is reading this thread but we have no response from others.
Please post something - even if saying you have the same problem / adding to it.
Thank you!!
Last edited:
Hi William,

I think i've just found the solution to your original question of this thread.
You can now do electrical drawings with much ease and added functionalities in V18 of Solid Edge. Check out this url.

By the way, does your SE reseller provide you with update trainings for every SE version upgrade? You should be in the loop for that.

The URL given I knew about already.
But YES - It is because of this added V18 functionality that I am posting the thread.
I would like to see the block diagramming to be extended on.
It would be great if the blocks can be referenced in a bill of material table.

The ideal is to think of these 2D blocks as if parts in the 3D enviroment.
These 2D blocks is then used on multiple 2D sheets (like Excel sheets) as if a 3D assembly.
Each of the 2D blocks have their own parameters (example 0.55kW vs. 1.1kW motor) just like family of parts.
Some links between connections/sheets may exist that give this 2D sketches added "dimension".
Each wire used should have its own unique number too - so it is a "part" too.
Now if each wire is auto numbered according to ISO standards - GREAT.

Maybe someone already has an add-on program that is at least capable of counting each of the block types used in one project (many 2D sheets).
That should be easy for some to develop?!

Maybe someone already has developed some library blocks one could use.
For example a Siemens S7-300 CPU 313C connection.
Anyone ready to share libraries / knowledge / comments?

WB :-o
Hi William,

This is a very interesting question and feature! But unfortunately i'm not too sure about this. I shall try it out for myself 1st. =)
ECAD found? - anyone with experience?

Hi all you friendly CADs,

Does anyone know the "Cim-Team" and their "E3.series" software?

Hello William and Andrew,

Its you two guys again. Allways you two guys. I dont understand everything your talking about, but me ears perked up when you talked about wiring and harnesses.
The engineer who sugested I start modeling with SE and not SW or AC Is currently designing a new wire harness for our electric vehicle. He is realy impressed with SE version 18. He says it has everything he needs concerning wiring and V 17 did not. He does some programing as well. He reminds me of you two guys.

I am traveling to work with him next week and I am going to get him to join this group. (If he is willing, and I think he will be). There has not been a question he couldnt answer, but I try not to bother him too much.

Hi JK,

Yes, it's US AGAIN! Haha!
Solid Edge is the best and de-facto software used by machine builders.
Justification factor is Solid Edge has the best, state-of-the-art Sheet Metal, Electrical Wiring, Piping solutions in the world! Sounds cool huh? ;)

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