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Edge Highlights in Feature Tree


New member
I just moved from SW 2015 to 2017, both Premium. I'm seeing a problem with 2017 that I've never seen before (been with SW since 2001). When I installed 2017, I kept all of the system options that I modified in 2015. The problem: when I hover or select a component in the feature tree (whether it's a part or assembly), edges for all components in the model get highlighted. I'm currently working on a fairly simple t-frame structure that has a lot of edges. I sit and wait for a couple of minutes for all the edges to highlight before I can perform any task. I've de-featured the external radii and turned off the tangent visible edges. I've turned off highlight edges in the graphics view. The issue isn't with the graphic display, it only occurs in the feature tree. Is there a default in 2017 that I can turn off to stop this nuisance? BTW - I'm running SW on a Dell Precision T5500, Intel E5620 2.4GHz, 12 GB Ram, Windows 7.

Thanks for the help - Larz

P.S. I'm using a 3dConnexion SpaceMouse Pro if that would make a difference. I've read that a 3d Mouse can sometimes cause problems. I have disconnect the mouse with no improvement in performance. Perhaps a setting in the mouse software somewhere?

P.S.S. I've since isolated the feature tree edge highlighting down to a part model. It isn't a problem at the assembly level. Happens with all part models regardless of complexity; the more complex the longer it takes to highlight the edges...

P.S.S.S. Never mind - I found it. I was a Open GL issue, now fixed!
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