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Editing attributes?


New member
I have an information block with several lines of attributed text. We use colors to define some functions of the item and it ( the color) may change for several items in the same dwg.
I created the block on layer 0. I may at any time want the block to be a different color that the layer it is on, but still remain on that layer. How can I change the color of all the attributes in one block with out having to open them and changing them one at a time?
Any suggestions?
Use the -ATTEDIT command (note the "-"). It will allow you to edit color properties for multiple selected attributes all at once.
Try to usec block edit "bedit" command to change the color of you attributes then close by saving all your changes. Next is use the block attribute manager "battman" command, choose the block you changed on the small window and click the "sync" button to automatically change the properties of the block. This will changed all the block with the same name in every individual drawings. I hope this will help to solve your problem.


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