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Electrical Wires



Is there an easy way to create 3d wires to connect two different parts in an assembly. The wires would need to bend around various objects and need to be reoriented based on the design of the assembly. Thanks ahead of time for any help.
Various Techniques

ProEngineer has a harness module that handles this type of requirement. As an alternate method, create a 3D curve and do a swept protrusion based on its trajectory. You can use variable sections to adjust the wire bundle diameter as it changes.



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Further help

Thanks for the quick reply but could you offer me any further help or instruction on how to use the cabling feature? I have found Pro E's help file useless. Maybe I'm just an idiot but I can't get it to define conductors to route my wires. A sample assembly with cables in it would be awesome. Thanks again for any help.
Sorry, cannot provide a File...

I do not have the Harness module or files. Check out the PTC website technical database (you will need to register). Also, I would try some web searches too. Good Luck!

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