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Engraving on a sphere


New member
Can any one explain me how to Engrave in a full sphere, so that my company name is fully engraved in sphere like the company name should end where it started in the sphere and should appear circumferential on a sphere.
Choose Sketcher >Advanced >Text. Type the text to be engraved on the model and select the location on the model.

I'm interested in this as well. i cannot find sketcher/advanced/text . I can achieve the same result using projected sketches & wrap features but it's labor intensive. Can you be more specific on where you found sketcher/advanced/text.


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Select Feature > Create > Solid > Cut > Extrude > One Side > Done. Now pick references. At the top of the right-hand Sketcher menu is a text option. Pick that option. Finish as you do for any other cut and enter a blind depth to your desired value.

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